Feel comfortable in and outside your boat with our state-of-the-art air conditioners. We install new ACs, repair damaged ones, and provide regular maintenance to any AC system.


From custom freezers to self standing units we offer a wide variety of options and brands to satisfy your refrigeration needs. Our technician can diagnose and repair any refrigeration issues.


Install a new generator or replace your existing generator. We can keep track and do routine maintenance service on your generator to keep it running like new and extend its lifetime.


Thrusters allow the boat to move side to side which help maneuverability while docking. We provide new installations, service, and regular maintenance.


Having the right lighting provides a more pleasant and satisfying environment. We install underwater lights, deck lights, ambient lighting, and more.


Our Master Welder can create anything you could possibly imagine for your boating needs, including any type of tower (tuna, marlin, half), railings, and other metal additions for your boat.


Need more fresh water than what your fresh water tank can hold? Our vast options of watermakers will enable you to sustain yourself in the open sea. We provide new installation as well as maintenance to produce the highest quality and maximum capacity of fresh water.


Electrical wiring is crucial on a boat. Organizing cables creates neatness and prevents fires. Eliminating corrosion in wire connections increases conductivity which prevents your devices from failing.


Keeping the boat clean and salt free helps protect the paint job and increase the durability of all the equipment on-board. We offer scheduled boat washes and cleaning to maintain your boat in great condition.